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Buy a Print From Your Favorite Photographer

Jim Goldstein started this project last year and I think it is a great idea. Basically, it is exactly as it says. You can read about it here: Buy a Print. So, this year I am participating and just purchased a print from Guy Tal. He has been a big inspiration to me with his images and writing and I have always liked this image.

Under the Aspen Tree

Under the Aspen Tree

Rich colors always appeal to me and this one has them all. Image used with Permission. You can purchase it from Guy as well here.

As part of the participation, I will also be offering a deal to anyone who wants to buy one of my prints. Open editions(flora, fauna, and most of Africa) will be $20.00 for an 8×10 or 8×12 and limited editions(most landscape images) will be $35.00 for an 8×10 or 8×12. I rarely sell limited editions this small, so if you were looking for a specific image at a cheaper price, now may be one of the only times to get it. So start browsing: Gallery

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Successful Show/News

This past weekend was the most successful show to date. So much for the economy. =) I also am starting to see some trends in favorite images, which is always interesting to know. Anyways, to those of you that bought some work, thank you. I am now anxiously waiting for my new Canon 5d Mark II. 21 mega-pixels of goodness! Anyways, thanks again to all who showed up.

Also, its way in advance but I am happy to announce I will be showing my work for the month of December 2010 in the Everglades National Park Visitor Center. It is a big honor, and I can’t wait.

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