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The Ultimate Guide to Everglades Photography

Hey folks, wow, it has been a long time since I put up a blog post. But, I am excited to release my first E-book, The Ultimate Guide to Everglades Photography. It is over 40 pages and offers insight into seasons, locations, landscapes, and wildlife.

After a brief introduction to the Everglades, I get into the meat of it. Chapter 1 is the bulk of the book and gives details on various shooting locations throughout the national park. I dived the park into 3 sections, North, East, and South. The South Section has mileage given for locations and has the largest amount of area to cover.

Chapter 2 covers shooting from water craft, Chapter 3 is camping and lodging locations, Chapter 4 is Clothing and Wet Hiking, and Chapter 5 is Dangers and Discomforts.


At the end, is a quick reference with what I think are the best bets if you are short on time. You can purchase it here: Everglades E-book, and any purchase in September from my website is eligible for a $100 gift card.  Thanks for looking and feel free to ask any questions!




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One Mantis, Two Photos

Hey guys, miss me? It has been a while. This morning I finally made some images worth sharing. I have been shooting with John Moran and David Moynahan, two fantastic Florida nature photographers.

They have showed me some great new shooting methods and techniques, and while shooting a praying mantis this morning, I was able to try one out. First let me show you a traditional shot of how I would normally go about it. I shot this guy with my Tamron 180 macro, tripod mounted, with some off camera fill flash.

And now the “other” type of image. Both David and John use a Tokina 10-17 fisheye. This lens is WIDE! They usually shoot it on a crop sensor. I did try it on my full-frame 5d2, and it is really only usable above 15mm. Anyways, I dropped my memory card in John’s 7d with the Tokina mounted, and again, some off-camera flash. This is the result, a totally different feel, mood, everything. I have known about this wide-angle macro technique for some time, really getting it demoed to me by Clay Bolt. I definitely will need to play around with it myself more, but was quite excited by this quick result.

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In the Swamp with the Lowepro Flipside 400 AW

If you know me at all, you know I spend a lot of time in the Everglades and Big Cypress. This means my feet are wet a lot.

As a photographer, this can pose some problems: digital camera equipment and water don’t mix well. There are many types of dry bags and hard case that are completely water proof, and they have their uses, but for hiking(wading) in the swamp, I have found one bag that really works well for me.

The problem with all the waterproof gear arises when I want to swap something out. I only have 2 hands and when there is water everywhere, it becomes a fun little juggling process. You may find a stump to rest things on, but that’s never a guarantee. After some research, I found the Lowepro Flipside 300 AW. Perfect! What sets it apart is that it unzips from the “back”. To clarify, the part that faces your back is what would open up. So, combined with a waist strap, you can take off the shoulder straps and swing it around to the front, and have a “table” to rest things on in front of you. This allowed me to rest my camera, lens, filters, whatever on the back and have a free hand to switch out whatever I needed.

When I purchased the Flipside 300, it was the largest Lowepro made. It was a bit cramped for my gear, but I made do. Then the 400 came out. It was pretty much the same bag, but a bit wider, allowing for more lenses, and now an extra pocket on the “front” of the bag.

This pocket is really a huge upgrade, as the 300 was a bit sparse on storage for the little stuff and extras. This pocket on the 400 will usually be packed with a rain jacket, compass, snack bars, head lamp/flashlight, and notepad. It can really hold a lot. Another thing I consider and upgrade is dual water bottle holders. The 300 had 1 and a zip pouch on the other side for memory cards and small stuff.

Lastly, the 400 now comes with  padded waist straps, which, given its larger capacity, was a necessity. I have done 7 miles through knee to waist deep water with the 400 and it stays moderately comfortable when the waist straps are cinched in tight. I would never imagine doing that with the unpadded straps of the 300. Oh, and the AW in both means you get a packed and attached rain cover that can be deployed pretty quickly when the inevitable summer storm hits. Both also have a tripod strap on the back, its adequate, but not perfect.

Here you can see the 400 packed. Clockwise from top left is the Tamron 180 macro: then Canon 100-400, empty slot sometimes with cable release,  extension tubes, 50 1.8, 5d2 with 16-35, 1.4x, and Tamron 28-75. This is what I regularly take with me. Hope this is helpful, and if you have any more questions, feel free to ask.

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Buy a Print Follow-up

In this post I mentioned how Jim Goldstein started a project to buy a print from your favorite photographer. I participated and have finally had it framed. I had another print stored so I framed them the same as I thought they went really well together. So here they are:

Under the Aspen Tree by Guy Tal

Sometime Last Century by Tony Kuyper

Both are inspiring photographers and I am glad I have something to look at besides my own photos. =)

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Exposures by Guy Tal

An artist I really admire has just put out a book, Exposures: Views From Both Sides of the Camera. I have looked up to Guy for his photographic eye as well as his thoughts on photography. I can’t wait to get my copy and hope everyone checks it out. You can even preview a bit of it at the link provided. You should also check out his work on his website.

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