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Image of the Month: March 2010-Wild American Flamingo

Sometimes said to be the same as the Greater  Flamingo, most taxonomists now regard it as a separate species.  Sightings in the Everglades and Southern Florida are rare and many are considered to be escapees from the Hialeah Race track. One specimen banded in the Yucatan Peninsula was sighted in the Everglades, so I like to believe these were birds of wild origin. Regardless, this specimen and 4 of its friends were found in the Everglades in the winter of 2008.  The whole trip is written about here. For March you can purchase this image at discounted rates.

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Image of the Month: February 2010, Little Sea Turtle

I have decided to start doing an image of the month, where I give a little info on an image and offer it at a discounted price for that month. So to kick-start it, this macro of  a baby sea turtle is up for February 2010.

This image was made back in August 2009, shortly after sunrise. My friend Rick Gomez had found it trapped in a tide-pool up by Blowing Rocks, in Jupiter, Florida.  It is illegal to touch them, but we decided that these little guys need all the help they can get, and so we picked it up and released it at a less rocky area of the beach. I believe about 1 in 100 survive to adulthood, and 1 in 1000 actually get to breed.

I used my Tamron 180 macro, and got down on my elbows and fired away hoping for some sharp shots in the low light. The rough rock took a toll on my elbows, but when you are in the moment, things like that don’t really register. Mosquitoes on the other hand, are pretty hard to ignore. I was lucky to get a handful of shots to pick through and liked this the best. In larger prints you can see the sky and fading sunrise colors in the sea turtle’s eye.

If you would like more info on sea turtles or want to help you can go here: Defenders of Wildlife

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Buy a Print From Your Favorite Photographer

Jim Goldstein started this project last year and I think it is a great idea. Basically, it is exactly as it says. You can read about it here: Buy a Print. So, this year I am participating and just purchased a print from Guy Tal. He has been a big inspiration to me with his images and writing and I have always liked this image.

Under the Aspen Tree

Under the Aspen Tree

Rich colors always appeal to me and this one has them all. Image used with Permission. You can purchase it from Guy as well here.

As part of the participation, I will also be offering a deal to anyone who wants to buy one of my prints. Open editions(flora, fauna, and most of Africa) will be $20.00 for an 8×10 or 8×12 and limited editions(most landscape images) will be $35.00 for an 8×10 or 8×12. I rarely sell limited editions this small, so if you were looking for a specific image at a cheaper price, now may be one of the only times to get it. So start browsing: Gallery

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25% off Gallery Wrapped Canvas

Canvas prints have been quite popular lately. It comes ready to hang and can be printed larger due to the nature of the surface. With my current camera at 21 megapixels, I’m pretty sure we can fill your wall. From now until Oct. 15, 2009 I am offering a 25% discount on all gallery wrapped canvases. This includes limited and open edition prints. If you are interested

and I will send out a price list.

Canvas Wall

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