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Fenix HP30 Review

For those that follow me, you know I get a bit off the beaten path. In the last few years, that has included more and more canoeing. With a few planned shots of cypress at night, I wanted a headlamp that would help me navigate and be seen, should I be in a higher traffic […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Everglades Photography

Hey folks, wow, it has been a long time since I put up a blog post. But, I am excited to release my first E-book, The Ultimate Guide to Everglades Photography. It is over 40 pages and offers insight into seasons, locations, landscapes, and wildlife. After a brief introduction to the Everglades, I get into […]

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Dry Tortugas National Park

Dry Tortugas National Park is composed of 7 islands approximately 70 miles west of Key West. It also contains and protects about 101 square miles of marine habitat. The most notable landmark of Dry Tortugas, however, is Fort Jefferson. It was thought a good idea to have the fort to help protect the straits connecting […]

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At the end of September I was extremely fortunate to go to Iceland. I was extremely excited for the possibility of seeing Aurora Borealis, something that had been on my bucket list. It was a relatively quick flight for somewhere that seemed so exotic and detached. Just 5.5hrs from JFK airport. We landed at sunrise […]

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Long Lens Landscapes

Seems a bit of a contradiction but a telephoto can be a very effective lens for compelling landscape images. I started out shooting landscapes with the ultra-wide angle, which can be utilized to create depth in an image through an in-your-face foreground pulling the viewer in. Long lenses of maybe 200mm plus can be great […]

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