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Long Lens Landscapes

Seems a bit of a contradiction but a telephoto can be a very effective lens for compelling landscape images. I started out shooting landscapes with the ultra-wide angle, which can be utilized to create depth in an image through an in-your-face foreground pulling the viewer in. Long lenses of maybe 200mm plus can be great for isolation or compression of elements to show repeating lines and patterns. I have been slowly adding images when they present themselves, but on my recent trip to the Pacific Northwest, I got 2 I was happy with and figured I would dig up some of the others.

At, 400mm I was able to isolate the layers of trees and the fog that separated them.

I was actually hoping to get an image like this from the Painted Hills before I even got there. I was happy the light cooperated, softly highlighting the center of the image so it was bordered in both color tone and luminosity.

A young slash pine among larger trees. The 400mm allowed me to isolate this tree and compress the depth of the background trees, giving the appearance of a denser forest.

Long lenses also can elp when the light is not ideal. Here, in tough light, I shot this scene in the shadowed side of the hill.

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Those Foggy Mornings

I am not a morning person. As a photographer, this can be a big hindrance. It means I am missing 50% of the good-light opportunities of the day.  If you look through my portfolio you will notice a lot of sunsets. The sunrises, however, are a bit limited.

One thing that sunrises have that definitely helps pull me out of bed, is the possibility of fog. I always strive to have a mood or atmosphere to my images. This can be created most easily by lighting at the ends of the day(sunrise/sunset). Fog, however, really can ramp things up.

In the Everglades, I  seem to gravitate to the pinelands when it is foggy. Sometimes hard to shot, the fog can really simplify things and allow you to isolate elements easier. I went out twice recently and got several images I am happy with.

The first morning I stayed around the Long Pine Key Campground. There is a lake there with an awesome island of pines that is a wonderful element. I created this panoramic before the sun came up and the moody blues really helped here.

The Still of Morning

This morning was so thick with fog, and you could hear the condensation dripping off the trees.  It was perfectly still and quiet. As the sun broke through the fog I hiked out in the pinelands to get a composition I had in mind but never with these conditions. As I was hiking out to this spot (1 mile away) I could hear turkeys calling. They were reintroduced to Long Pine key after several attempts and it is good to know they have stuck around and not become bobcat food.

A New Beginning

I hiked back to the lake to see how everything looked with different lighting conditions and got this tighter shot of the island.

This was the first shoot of the year and for several months. It definitely helped renew my desire to get out and to create new images.

As the forecast called for fog again, I ran out a week later and it happened to coincide with the full moon. What is great about the full moon is that it rises and sets opposite the sun. This can help with the evening out of lighting conditions and lead to some dramatic images.

As I was driving out this morning I noticed the fog wasn’t as thick as I wanted. I was thinking of running out to the dwarf cypress but decided to go to Pine Glades Lake. I figured getting the  moon setting would be a nice image. I waited until the sun was about the break the horizon and got this image. It is a single image double processed to just barely bring back the overly bright moon. The sun’s light on the foreground helped to even out the dynamic range.

Moonset Over Pine Glades Lake

I briefly walked back into the pinelands and shot this clump of pines, with a nice glow behind them.

Fog doesn’t always help produce dramatic images but sometimes subtle is what you need. Still there is no denying it helps set the mood. Have a great weekend everyone!

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Great Smoky Mountain National Park

A little late on getting this up.  I went with a friend through the Smokies  the first week of October on our way to see friends in Nashville. The weather was perfect and it was a great time. I hope to go back and shoot more extensively with better conditions. We were a bit early for fall but still found some beautiful scenery. My favorite was probably the Roaring Fork Motor Trail, just outside of Gatlinburg. I also enjoyed the Tremont area a lot. Cade’s Cove was a bit crowded but did offer some great opportunities in the morning with fog and deer. Clingman’s Dome is also a must visit shot for sunset, with the many layers of mountains. It is an awesome view.We also had 14 sightings of black bear, several being yearlings and cubs.













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Foggy Morning

I think I have mentioned I am not a morning person. Again, I was dragged out of bed for sunrise, this time by a friend from out of town. I suggested this area because if we did get fog, the pine island would be nice and the fog would add some depth and separation.

The Morning Unfolds

The Morning Unfolds

Morning Glow

Morning Glow

It is also adjacent to some nice pineland and prairie to poke around in.  I like shooting the edge of the pineland because I can get the full height of the pines into the frame and not have trunks exiting and leading the eye out of the picture. Also, I recommend getting out to see all the spiderwebs covered in dew if you can. When the sun comes up and back- lights them, they shine like a million diamonds.

Foggy Pineland



It was a great morning and well worth waking up. Plus, the nap was really nice afterward. Have a great one,


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